"D'Antoni's Revenge" Honey Nut Cheerios Found in Melo's Locker!

With the Houston Rockets off to a rocky start, considering the Chris Paul brawl and the Harden hamstring injury, D’Antoni thought it would be a good idea to spend quality time with Melo about his upcoming increasing role with the team. Sources say the meeting did not go as planned. As Melo a known wine connoisseur, began to drink his true feelings about his role on the team were revealed.

IMG_0554 2.JPG

“How do they expect me to be hoodie or Olympic Melo, coming off the bench?” Melo was quoted. After multiple hours of being berated D’Antoni had enough. The next day a Woj Bomb announced that Melo would be shortly released from the team. Someone familiar with the situation, stated they saw D’Antoni with a rage unknown at multiple Houston grocery stores buying boxes upon boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios. Team insiders shared “when Melo came in the following morning his locker was filled with honey nut cheerios.” “It was the wildest thing I have ever seen in my career.” We at the Culture Report, reached out to Melo for comment but he declined our request.

In a recent off the record comment a Rockets official alluded, “maybe KG isn’t the only person who likes cheerios”

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