Mayweather challenges Michael B. Jordan to bare knuckle brawl!

Floyd Mayweather challenges Michael B. Jordan to bare knuckle brawl after viewing his cameo appearance in Creed 2!

Creed 2 is expected to be a box office smash pulling in over 100 million. Tickets are selling at a record pace for this upcoming holiday weekend but one customer will be less than satisfied.

Floyd less than satisfied…

Floyd less than satisfied…

Sources familiar with the situation state that Mayweather found a bootleg copy of the movie on fire stick and couldn’t believe what he saw! “He had a room full of baddies with him and Ray J was there singing “One Wish” we were all excited to the see triumphant scene.” Said one person who was present.

Mayweather had told the awaiting audience that he was to be passing a torch to Creed in the opening scenes but as the film started a CGI version of Floyd was laid out on the canvas.

As the camera panned it was 50 Cent as the opposing boxer yelling Get The Strap! Floyd was incensed! “He was so flustered he didn’t know what Bentley keys to grab, but he was rushing out to see Michael B Jordan!” Mentioned one close to the situation.

We reached out to Michael B Jordan about the threat and he just sent back “All work is easy work'.” It’s safe to assume he isn’t concerned about the threat at all!

All work is easy work…

All work is easy work…

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