Fleece "Booty Warrior" Johnson stays clear of 69!

69 something up his sleeve

69 something up his sleeve

It's been a rough go of it for Tekashi 69 as of late. Most recently the judge presiding over his current case denied him bail and he is being held in a federal prison's general population.

Inside sources are saying 69 had been the butt of many jokes, even leading him to dye his infamous hair brown. One source states, during intake fellow inmates were chanting "taste the rainbow" and "we want that pot of gold", little did they know 69 had something up his sleeve.

The warden was aware but inmates had no clue 69 was a 3rd degree black belt! Inmates close to the situation state he used his skills to take down a few rival inmates. Marcus "Bones" Johnson an inmate serving 15 years for running a dog fighting ring recalls the events of that night..

Searching for pot of gold

Searching for pot of gold

"It was mad crazy yo!" states Bones. "He spun around and kicked 2 cats out of their timbs like some straight Jean Claude Van Damm stuff!"

One inmate of note Fleece "The Booty Warrior" Johnson declined to be questioned but did share “ain’t no booty worth the beating I just witnessed”

Fleece Johnson the Booty Warrior for reference…

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