Know Your Dominos House Rules aka Bones

Family gatherings everywhere will have one thing in common. Once the food has been consumed and the drinks begin to flow, a competitive spirit begins to set in! Games are the most common way to bring the family together and also start a fight or two. Spades, Madden, Charades and Monopoly just to name a few but one game reigns supreme.

Hood domino game

Hood domino game

No one just shows up to Thanksgiving and unleashes the bones. Copious amounts of shit must be talked to each rival competitor prior to the games beginning.

After the festivities are at their peak the scrounging of the junk drawer begins. "Anything to write with" is yelled as far and loud as possible. Dominologists have written with anything. "One time I wrote on an old dirty tee shirt with a piece of charcoal" said June Bug Jenkins.

”FAYLENE!!! DIME THAT DUMMY!!! CUT HIS THROAT!!!! ELLA BELLA AND STELLA!!!” These are all words that have been used to signal points being scored in the game of dominoes. But you can only score after the house rules have been established. The house rules are established by the home owner. If the home owner has no rules established, or you are playing outdoors, the person who provided the dominoes will set said rules.

For novice players here is a list that will have you ahead of the curve.

"Ten to get in" - must score a minimum of 10 points on your first points to register a score
"No fives" or"Fine bitches only" - no 5 point scores will count toward your total only in increments of 10 or above
"Fo Dubs get washed" - if you have 4 doubles in your hand start hand over
"No shit wash" or "Put some palmolive on em" - be sure to do a rigorous shuffle in between rounds or be forced to shuffle again
"Back man washes" - person who is behind the player who dominos is responsible for washing for the next round

One of the wildest rules is "Play out of turn and take a walk" this refers to an opponent chucking the hell out of a domino you've played erroneously or out of turn.

It's up to the person who played to go and get it. Dominos have been thrown out of windows, into trash cans, leftover plates... Use your imagination before hurling that speckled projectile. And be sure to taunt your opponent with a good old "ah hell nah!" or "kick rocks with that shit!"

Please comment below and share your domino house rules but above all, have fun and be safe. Know your opponent and their shit talking tolerance. You don't want to throw "Tinys" domino and get your legs whipped like Rick James.

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