Sooners unable to use hands during Big 12 Championship!

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Joyous Horns Down

Joyous Horns Down

In what comes as a shocking move from the Big 12 conference the OU Sooners will now be penalized for the long standing tradition of throwing the Horns down after a positive play during the conference championship game.

But a source close to the situation has alerted us that the Sooners will not be able to use their hands at all during the game. If a player has or even uses his hands during the game we are told that a penalty will be enforced. This includes quarterback and all skill positions. Instructions will be given after the coin toss.

“The referees have been instructed to do anything in their power to make sure that the Longhorns win the game, including impeding the progress of Sooner players.” Quoted by an anonymous source.

We will have more as the story unfolds!

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