Mr. Randy Watson the King of R&B

Jacquees Broadnax set the world on fire this week by proclaiming himself the King of R&B! This broke the internet and had almost every artist come out and dispute the claim. Tank, Usher, Chris Brown and J. Holiday (who recently was mistaken as a valet) all wanted to make sure their names were in the mix.

Cover of his double nickle album

Cover of his double nickle album

Here at the Guild we scoured the last 50 years of R&B and found the true one and only King!

Mr. Randy Watson!

His infectious voice, jheri curl and unique style made him our number one as the king! Not only did he make it as a solo artist, his group Sexual Chocolate is still able to tour till this day on the album that went Double Nickle!

See this clip of him absolutely shutting down a Black Awareness event! No way we couldn’t proclaim him as the king!

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