A History Like No Other "The Crown Royal Bag"

History of the “Crown Royal Bag”

What if I told you that the bag used for multiple purposes by black families everywhere, is not being used for it’s intended purpose.

What if I told you, if you look in your house now, you will see a minimum of three of these bags.

This holiday season, we would like to introduce to you the definitive history of the Crown Royal Bag.

Crown Royal stretches back to 1939 and began shipping in the US in the 60’s. Known for its smooth flavor, this Christmas black uncles everywhere will crack open a 5th or two to get your holiday started. What has always been a mystery is the history of the bag and it’s various uses.

Common Bag Colors

Common Bag Colors

Various Pimps “Saucy Declined to be pictured”

Various Pimps “Saucy Declined to be pictured”

The bags come in a variety of colors based on the make of the whiskey but the most common found will be the classic purple pouch.

Rumor has it Saucy Slick a pimp from Detroit was the first person to adapt the use of the bag.

As the story goes, while on the track, he realized he didn’t have his wallet and thus the bag held his cash. As time went on, he carried money, brass knuckles and baby powder (commonly used for pimp slapping) all in the bag. One person interviewed for the story quoted “this was prior to the wave men are on now wearing purses, that bag was multipurpose!”

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s a tradition began in the black community and has grown since.

Now the bag can be found with absolutely anything in it, in African American households.

It’s Lit!

It’s Lit!

Common uses:

Madea and nem appreciate the ease of the bag for holding loose change for the casino, bingo dobbers and butterscotch candies for the chirrens.

Aunties and Uncles often stash the weed to hide from the kids

Little fast cousins down south hold hair clips, assorted rubber bands and grease.

Even toddlers get into the act holding, marbles, legos and the weed residue auntie and uncle forgot was in the bag.

“Man we use this multipurpose bag for anything said Peanut Williams.” “You can find razor blades, dog food, dvds, phone cords, old electronics, brushes I mean you name it! Check my fit! Crown had the drip when they gave us a bag!

Drip King

Drip King

This Christmas watch when those dirty ivory bones emerge from the old Crown Royal bag and ping on the folding table. Then and only then will you know the party is in full swing. (See previous post of House Rules)

Drop a line in the comments and let us know what your family stashes in the Crown Royal Bag.

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