Soulja Boy looking to ink endorsement deal with Gillette and now Soulja Man

DeAndre Cortez Way A.K.A Soulja Boy, was met with mixed reaction upon appearing on The Breakfast Club this week. Claiming he was the biggest comeback in 2018 despite not having a hit song, many were left wondering what might be behind the “Crank That” song makers erratic and disrespectful behavior. He recently had a heated feud on IG Live with Famous Dex and revealed he is the mastermind behind all of your favorite Drake hits. Many of the rapper’s fans have come up with their own theories and conclusions on what might have caused Soulja to stir up the Hip-Hop world.

Heated Exchange

Heated Exchange

Soulja recently hinted that he has had a change of heart about his past and in conversations with friends wasn’t sure how to express it. Sources close to him state the recent Gillette commercial claiming for all men to “man up” struck a cord with Young Drako and the rapper plans to use his huge social media following to get men to “step up to the plate” and treat queens how they should be treated. In a recent tweet “Gillette! I see you! Nah, WE ALL C U!” the rapper exclaimed to all his Twitter followers. “Is the best a man can get? I dunno but it’s the best this boy can get and from now on I will now be known as…..Soulja Man!”

“To Superman a Ho is no way to treat a woman!”
— Soulja Man

In what comes as a shocking move the rapper is planning to remix his hit song “Crank That” that made him a household name in 2007. According to Soulja Man “To Superman a Ho is no way to treat a woman!” the remix of “Crank That” has new lyrics “Superman that lady” stating “To Superman a lady is really a beautiful thing. No word on if the famous dance will be changed but the new meaning is for a man to fly in and sweep a queen off her feet and take her to get hamderders. See story on Presidential Hamderders here.

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