What are we going to build? Stairs! Who is going to pay? America!

HOUSTON - With all of the indictments, lockdowns, and animosity between Pelosi and Trump, Americans have been extremely busy attempting to ingest the madness. All the while our tequila cousins to the South have been cooking up their own plot to stir up the good old Melting Pot called America.

"The American president has divided his nation with his proposal for a huge wall that the people of Mexico are supposed to pay for." Says Luis Videgaray Caso, "But we have a surprise for Mr. Trump."

Planning the next visit to America

Planning the next visit to America

Mr. Caso is referring to a huge set of stairs that will be mounted on the top of what amounts to a lightweight tank. This proposal was set forth to the native people of Mexico and it was accepted by all. Largely due to the fact that the proposal, that has been named "un sorpresa grande" will be 100% funded by the United States of America.

Construction of the stairs is said to break ground as soon as the Mexican government is notified of any US policy changes concerning border security. Prototypes of the secret project were obtained during our excursion to Juarez. The men photographed, are not only architects in charge of the project, but can also fit and install some of the finest custom grills in under an hour. One of the architects noted. “We are getting into the country regardless and Americans will just have to deal with it!"

With the US government slated to reopen after a tentative deal was reached between president Trump and congressional leaders, many are wondering what to make of this new report concerning our southern neighbors.

There are no details at this time as to how Mexico will propose this funding for "The Big Surprise" but as always, we here at HTX will keep you in the know!

Recent natural looking grill installed…

Recent natural looking grill installed…

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