Butler no longer a fit for the NBA

It's been a rocky season for All NBA pro Jimmy Butler to say the least….. The summer began with rumors of him sleeping with one of his Minnesota Timberwolves teammate's longtime girlfriend, profanity laced tirades during their practices, and a slow start statistically after being traded to the Philadelphia 76ers.


An unnamed source who works close with the Butler camp has been leaking trailers of Butler's surprise debut movie and has hinted that the 2 way forward will likely being playing in his last NBA season.

Butler is said to be doing a remake of the early 2000's film Juwanna Man, titled, "The Cancer".

Wahlberg will play the role of Butler's agent who is attempting to make him change his bad reputation of destroying every team that he joins. We reached out to the studio for an inside look on how the movie was coming along and spoke with producer Dwayne Towns, "Butler is a sassy savage, and after this movie Tyler Perry & Madea gonna have to step it up"


Bars coming soon!

Bars coming soon!

Butler has also ventured into the music game and will be dropping a mixtape later this year and has been linked with artist Chance the Rapper.

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