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Soulja Boy looking to ink endorsement deal with Gillette and now Soulja Man

…the remix of “Crank That” has new lyrics “Superman that lady” stating “To Superman a lady is really a beautiful thing. No word on if the famous dance will be changed but the new meaning is for a man to fly in and sweep a queen off her feet and take her to get hamderders. See story on Presidential hamderders.

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House Party 3 Angela Means Interview

This month marks the 25th anniversary of the Culture Classic House Party 3! The third installment of the film series follows Kid as he is preparing to jump the broom with Veda and antics ensue. The Guild had the pleasure of interviewing Angela Means aka Veda and get her impressions of the film and get details on her current Vegan Nutrition platform.

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Back to our Roots!

One of the more difficult fads to bring back has been the hairstyles. Some of you know all too well that if you show up to the spot and your cut isn't tight, you will get put on blast.

This hasn't stopped a few of the more brazen brothers from bringing back a few of the classics! We will let you be the judge of what's hot and what needs to be left on the barbershop floor.

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